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Article 58

Voting in the advance voting The enfranchised person has in parliamentary elections and municipal elections the right to vote for a candidate from a combined list of candidates of the electoral district or municipality in which the voter is registered as having the right to vote in the election in question, in the European Parliamentary elections to vote for a candidate from the combination of lists of candidates, and in Presidential elections to vote for a candidate from the list of candidates. The voter must mark the number of the candidate he or she is giving his or her vote to in the ballot in such a manner that there can be no uncertainty as to whom he or she has voted for. The mark must be made in the voting booth or in some other way so that the secrecy of the ballot is maintained. At the request of the voter, the election official or the electoral commission must help him or her in the voting. A person whose ability to make a mark in the ballot is essentially weakened may, during the voting, use the help of an assistant he or she has chosen. An assistant can not, however, be a candidate in the election. The assistant is obliged to dutifully carry out the voter’s orders and to maintain the confidentiality of the information he or she has gained in connection with the voting.