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Article 59

The covering letter The covering letter must be addressed to the central election committee of the municipality that is marked in the voting register next to the voter.   The covering letter must contain the following information on the voter: complete name; personal identity code or date of birth, unless proof of receipt of the covering letter referred to in section 60 (2) is marked on the covering letter; current address, if a separate covering letter form on which no proof of receipt is marked is used as a covering letter. The voter must sign a declaration on the covering letter stating that he or she him/herself has, maintaining the secrecy of the ballot, filled in the ballot and enclosed it stamped in the ballot envelope.   In an at-home voting the voter must also sign a declaration in the at-home voting covering letter form stating that his or her ability to move or act is so limited that he or she cannot reach the polling station without undue hardship.