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Article 71

Electoral rolls and their delivery After the advance voting has ended the Ministry of Justice will see to it that an electoral roll of the voting register of every voting district is printed out beginning on the 4th day before the polling day at 7 p.m., and delivered to the central election committees of the municipalities in good time before the polling day. The Ministry may order that the central election committee prints out the electoral rolls of the voting districts of the municipality. The Ministry may also order that the information on the electoral rolls be delivered to the central election committee in electronic form. Only those people that have not, according to entries made in the voting register, used their right to vote in the advance voting will be accepted in the electoral rolls. The electoral rolls of all voting districts are printed following the alphabetical order of the names of the people in the voting district, or in a manner determined by the Ministry of Justice. The electoral rolls have as their headings the electoral district in parliamentary elections, the Presidential election and European Parliamentary elections and, in all elections, the municipality and the voting district, and each person’s complete name and personal identity code. The Ministry of Justice may, if necessary, on special grounds order the electoral rolls to be printed out from the voting register as soon as the register has become legally binding and that they are to be delivered without delay to the central election committee of the municipality in question. The central election committee of the municipality must see to it that the electoral rolls are at the disposal of the election committees before the polling day. The electoral rolls are not public before voting on the polling day has ended. If, in a Presidential election, a second round is held, the electoral rolls of the first round are public only after the voting on the second round is finished.