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Article 57

(1) In each polling station there shall be at least one voting booth. In order to achieve a faster handling of the voters, several voting booths may be set up with regard to one electoral authority if the supervision of the act of voting by the electoral authority is not jeopardised. In case of precincts with more than 500 persons having the right to vote at least two voting booths shall be set up in the polling station.

(2) The voting booth shall be set up in such a way that the voter can fill out the ballot and put it into the voting envelope without being viewed by any other person being present in the polling station.

(3) If solid booths, specially made for this purpose, are not available, it is sufficient for a voting booth to prevent the viewing of the voter in the voting booth by any sort of separation device. Therefore, the voting booth can be made, in particular, of simple wooden frameworks covered with non-transparent paper or cloth, by fixing curtains in a corner of the room, by putting together larger cases, by the appropriate arrangement of blackboards. If possible, it shall be set up in such a way that the voter can enter the booth on one side and leave it on the other side.

(4) The voting booth shall be equipped with a table and a chair or with a high desk, and a writing pad, and with the necessary material for filling out the ballot (coloured pencil, if possible). Moreover, the provincial party lists made final and public by the provincial electoral authority shall be posted in the voting booth on a visible spot.

(5) During the time of election sufficient lighting shall be provided in the voting booth.