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Article 118

Storage of Election and Other Documentation and Material Values


1.   After an official promulgation of the results of elections of deputies, the Central Election Commission shall pass the election and other documentation liable to the transfer to the National Archive Fund including the protocol on counting of votes at polling stations and on voting results in constituencies to the respective state archive institution, and district election commissions shall pass such documentation to the respective local state archive institutions.


2.   The election documentation not liable to the transfer to the National Archive Fund shall be passed by district election commissions to local archive institutions created by the local executive bodies or local self-government bodies according to the Law of Ukraine “On National Archive Fund and Archive Institutions”.


3.   The list of the election and other documentation liable to storage in the state and other archive institutions and the procedure for its transfer to such organizations shall be established by the Central Election Commission after reconciliation with the central executive body on archive matters and documentary provision.


4.  Local executive bodies and local self-government bodies after termination of authorities of polling station and district election commission s shall provide for storage of the ballot boxes, voting booths, seals, and stamps of these commissions, methodological literature given to a commission for the period of the election process.


5.   Ballot papers, control slips of ballot papers, lists of voters, absentee voting certificates, acts,  requests, appeals on violations of the requirements of this Law during voting and votes calculation, protocols and decisions of election commissions shall be kept in local archive institutions for four years after the day of official promulgation of the parliamentary election results. On the expiration of this period, the aforementioned documentation shall be destroyed in accordance with the established procedure.


6.   Archive institutions shall provide access to the parliamentary election documentation according to the procedure stipulated by the Law.