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Article 71
Article 71
A voter shall vote in person at the polling station for which he is enrolled in the electoral resister.
A voter shall first give his full name and, if necessary, his address.
The chairman or a member of the electoral committee shall ascertain the identity of a voter by his personal document or in any other way. Identity may be ascertained on the basis of any personal document, which provides personal data on the voter.
Thereupon the chairman or a member of the electoral committee shall encircle the serial number before the name of the voter on the electoral register, explain the manner of voting to the voter, and hand him a ballot paper.
If, by mistake, a voter is not enrolled in the electoral register, he may vote on the basis of a certificate issued by the competent body stating that he is enrolled as a voter in the area covered by the polling station at which he wishes to vote. This shall be entered in the records. The certificate shall be enclosed with the records.