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Article 63

(1) On the day of election at the fixed hour and in the polling station determined for this purpose the act of voting shall be commenced by the polling officer submitting to the electoral authority the electoral list together with the prepared ballot register (specimen Schedule 5), the voting envelopes, and the official ballot papers (§§ 75, 76), and reading out the provisions of §§ 17 and 18 on the quorum of the electoral authority. The polling officer shall notify the electoral authority of the number of official ballots (§§ 75, 76) delivered upon confirming the receipt (§ 75 al. 3), examine this number before the electoral authority, and take down the result in a written report.

(2) Immediately before the beginning of casting the ballots the electoral authority shall make sure that the ballot box reserved for the casting of ballots is empty. is empty.

(3) Casting the ballot begins with the members of the electoral authority, their possible auxiliary personnel, the persons of trust and the election witnesses casting their votes. If they are registered in the electoral list of another precinct, they can exercise their right to vote before the electoral authority where they perform their duties only by means of an electoral card. Moreover, the provisions of §§ 68 and 70 shall be applicable for voting by electoral card voters.