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Article 70

(1) Voters, who have been issued an electoral card, shall present, in addition to the electoral card, a document or official paper mentioned in § 67 al. 2, from which the identity of the person described on the electoral card can be seen. The names of voters with electoral cards shall be entered at the end of the electoral list under the current number and included in the notes on the course of the election, unless they are voters with electoral cards according to al. 2. The electoral card shall be taken from the voter, marked with the current number of the electoral list, and attached to the notes. If a polling station was exclusively reserved for voters with electoral cards, the current number of the ballot register shall be noted on the electoral card.

(2) If a voter with electoral card appears before the appropriate electoral authority according to his initial entry in the electoral list in order to exercise his right to vote, he shall cast his ballot, after handing over the electoral card to the electoral authority, by using the voting envelope, already issued to him together with the electoral card, and in compliance with the other provisions of this federal law.