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Article 106

(1) Parties running for the election who have introduced provincial election proposals are entitled to be allotted seats in the course of the third ascertainment procedure only in case they have introduced a federal election proposal and have not been excluded from being allotted seats according to § 107 al. 2.

(2) The federal election proposal shall be introduced to the federal electoral authority at the latest on the twentieth day preceding the day of the election; it shall be co-signed by at least one person who is listed as authorised recipient of the respective party in a provincial election proposal of a provincial constituency. Persons who are listed as candidates of the respective party in a provincial election proposal of a provincial constituency may also be listed in the federal election proposal.

(3) The federal election proposal shall contain:

the distinctive party name in full and, if available, its abbreviated letter code;

the federal party list, being the list of candidates for the allotment of seats in the third ascertainment procedure. The federal party list shall indicate the candidates in the order of sequence requested numbered in Arabic numerals, by their first name and family name, stating their year of birth, occupation, and address. For a candidate who is already listed in one of the provincial constituencies in an election proposal of the party introducing the federal election proposal, the party lists (provincial party list, regional party list) in which he figures as a candidate of a provincial election proposal, shall also be mentioned.

the name of the authorised recipient (first name and family name, occupation, address).

(4) Immediately after receipt the federal electoral authority shall examine the federal election proposals as to their being in accordance with the provisions of al. 2 and 3. For this purpose the federal polling officer shall proceed by applying § 42 al. 1 accordingly. Federal election proposals not corresponding with these provisions shall be considered as not having been introduced.

(5) Deadline for the federal electoral authority to close the federal election proposals and announce them in the official Austrian journal "Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung" shall be the sixteenth day before the day of the election.