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Article 119

Number of members in a constituency association and drafting a charter Founding a constituency association in order to nominate a candidate in parliamentary elections requires at least 100 voters from the same electoral district. The constituency association is founded by drafting  a duly dated and signed charter which shall include the following information: reference to the type of parliamentary elections;  Name and title of the candidate, profession or occupation, using no more than two expressions, and municipality of residence;  name, date of birth and address of each member;  A written assertion from each member that they have a right to vote in the electionin question  in the said electoral district;  the name of the party representative of the constituency association and the name of his or her deputy and their contact information. A voter can be a member in only one constituency association. If he or she is a member in two or more constituency associations, the electoral district committee must remove his or her name from all charters.