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Article 90

(1) Voters shall cast their votes until 7 p.m. Where voters who have not voted yet are still in front of the voting premises at 7 p.m., the voting process shall continue until they exercise their right to vote but not later than 8 p.m.
(2) The District Election Committee may interrupt the voting process where material breaches of the election process are observed. The voting process shall continue after their elimination. The decision on the interruption of the voting process shall be communicated immediately to the Central Election Committee through the Constituency Election Committee.
(3) If it is necessary to restore public order and at a decision of the District Election Committee, the Chairperson may seek the assistance of the Mayor or the Proxy Mayor and the bodies of the Ministry of the Interior.
(4) Persons whose behaviour infringes upon good morals or persons carrying objects threatening the life and health of citizens shall not be allowed to enter voting premises.
(5) No armed persons shall be allowed to enter the voting premises except for the cases under para 3.