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Article 122

Candidate application of a party The candidate application of a party must include:   a proposal for the list of candidates of the party,  stating the order in which the candidates are placed in the combined list of candidates, the name and title, profession or occupation of each candidate, using no more than two expressions, and their municipality of residence; Along with the given name, or instead of the given name, a generally known name of  the person or his or her abbreviated first name can be used; The list of candidates must not include other entries, unless they are necessary to define the identity of the candidate; and   a signed consent with personal identity code from each candidate, to standing as a candidate for the party  that has nominated him or her as a candidate and consent to assumption of office and an affirmation confirming that he or she has not agreed to stand as a candidate for another party or a constituency association or as a candidate in another electoral district.   The party representative must duly date and sign the candidate application and certify in the application that the candidates are eligible.