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Article 150

Establishment of a constituency association   Ten or more enfranchised municipality residents may establish a constituency association. Because of a low population in the municipality, the Ministry of Justice may issue provisions that a smaller number of municipality residents may establish a constituency association. However, a constituency association can not be established by less than three persons. The Ministry of Justice must publish the provisions in the Statute Book of Finland during May of the election year at the latest.   A Constituency association is established by drafting a dated and signed charter which must contain the following information: a reference as to which municipal election is in question the candidate’s name and title, occupation or position using no more than two expressions,  the name, date of birth and address of each member;  the affirmation signed by each member that he or she is entitled to vote in the elections and the municipality in question;  the name and contact information of the constituency association election representative and the deputy election representative. Any enfranchised person can be a member of only one constituency association at a time. If a person is member of two or more constituency associations, the electoral district committee of the municipality must erase that  person’s name from all charters.