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Article 157

Electing councillors without an election   If the number of candidates approved for the election is the same as the number of councillors of the municipality to be elected, no elections shall be held, and the central election committee of the municipality, in a meeting held on the fourth Sunday of October, declares the accepted candidates chosen as councillors. If the total number of candidates is less than the number of councillors to be elected, the number of the councillors shall be incomplete for a time.   In the case of the situation referred to in (1) a party or a constituency association has a right to nominate a deputy candidate for a candidate to whom applies what islaid down  on candidates in this Act.   The deputy candidates referred to in (2) are nominated deputy councillors of the municipality. If needed, a deputy councillor is called to join the Municipality Council to replace a councillor, or, if the councillor has no deputy, he or she will be replaced by some other deputy councillor from the same non-aligned party, the same electoral alliance or the same joint list in the order stated by the party election representatives or, in the case of an electoral alliance, the party election representatives together or the joint list election representative. If the order of the deputy councillors has not been reported to the central election committee of the municipality before the meeting referred to in (1), the central election committee shall decide the order.