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Article 5

Persons are not to be included in the candidate lists and are not eligible to the Saeima if they:

have been legally qualified as incapacitated

are serving a sentence of imprisonment in a penitentiary;

have been convicted for a deliberately committing a crime punishable in Latvia at the time this Law is enforced and whose previous convictions have not been expunged or overturned, except persons who have been rehabilitated.

have committed a crime in an irresponsible state or have become mentally ill after committing the crime and incapable of taking conscious action or controlling it and as a result have been subjected to compulsory medication, or when the case has been dismissed without applying such a coercive measure;

belong or have belonged to the salaried staff of the USSR, Latvian SSR or foreign state security, intelligence or counterintelligence services;

after January 13, 1991 have been active in CPSU (CP of Latvia), Working People as International Front of the Latvian SSR, the United Board of Working Bodies; Organization of War and Labour Veterans; All-Latvia Salvation Committee or its regional committees;

have not mastered the national language to the highest (third) level of competence.