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Article 10

(1) The data to be included in the list of candidates shall be: full name of the candidates, identity number, year of birth, foreign citizenship (denizenship), if any; place of residence (district or city), education, place of employment and position.

(2) The number of candidates in the list should not exceed the number of seats allotted for the constituency.

(3) The same candidate may only be included in one and the same list distributed in one or several constituencies. If any of the candidates should be included in more than one list, his/her name shall be deleted from all the lists.

(4) The name of the list of candidates should coincide with:

the name of the political organization (party) that submitted the list;

the name of the relevant association of political organizations (parties) that submitted the list;

all the names of the two or more relevant political organizations (parties) that submitted the list.

(5) The lists of candidates should be clearly legible without deletions or corrections. They are signed by the person authorized by the decision-making institution of the relevant political organization (party) or the association of political organizations (parties). If two or more political organizations (parties) submit the list of candidates, it is signed by the persons authorized by the decision-making institutions of the relevant political organizations (parties).