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Article 13

(1) Lists of candidates complying with the provisions of this Law are registered by the Central Election Commission.

(2) The lists of candidates that have been registered may not be revoked, and amendments may only be made by the Central Election Commission in any of the following ways:

by deleting the name of a nominated candidate, if:

a) the candidate is not a legitimate citizen of Latvia (Articles 4 and 5);

b) the candidate has not resigned from his/her office (service) as set by Article 6, item 1 of this Law;

c) the same person has been nominated for more than one list of candidates (Article 10, item 3);

d) the candidate has died;

by inserting a technical correction;

(3) In the cases referred to in subparagraphs a and d, paragraph 1 of this article the candidate's name shall be deleted on the basis of a certificate issued by the relevant institution or a court judgment.

The following institutions may certify the relevant information:

1) the Citizenship and Immigration Board – that the candidate is not a citizen of Latvia;

2) the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior – that the candidate is serving his/her sentence in a penitentiary;

3) the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior – that the candidate has been convicted for a deliberately committed crime recognized as a crime in Latvia at the time when this Law came into force and the criminal record has not been expunged or remitted;

4) the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior – that the candidate has committed a criminal offence in an irresponsible state or has become mentally ill after committing a crime and is incapable of taking a conscious action or controlling it;

5) the relevant court – that the candidate belongs to of has belonged to the salaried staff of the USSR, the Latvian SSR or a foreign state security, intelligence or counterintelligence services;

6) the relevant court – that after January 13, 1991 the candidate has been active in the CPSU (the CP of Latvia), the Working People’s International Front of the Latvian SSR, the United Board of Working Bodies, the Organization of War and Labour Veterans, the All-Latvia Salvation Committee or its regional committees;

7) the State Language Centre – that the candidate has not mastered the state language to the highest (third) proficiency level;

8) the Civil Rights Registry Office – that the candidate is dead.

(4) The institutions referred to in paragraph (3) of this Article within five days must present this information in writing and free of charge to the Central Election Commission if so requested by the said Commission.