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Article 46

The electoral list for the election of councillors shall be submitted to the Municipal Election Commission, and the list for the election of representatives to the Republican Election Commission, as early as 20 (twenty) days of the days of calling for the election, and not later than 25 (twenty five) days prior to the polling day.

The following documents shall be submitted together with the electoral list to the election commission:

a written statement of the candidate of his acceptance of the candidacy;

the certificate of suffrage for each candidate on the electoral list;

the certificate of permanent residence of each candidate;

the list of electors’ signatures supporting the electoral list;

a written consent of the first candidate if his name is included in the title of the electoral list;

the decision of the authorised body of the political party which has verified the electoral list.

The electoral list together with the above stated documents shall be submitted directly to the relevant election commission.