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Article 35

(1) After the completion of the initial counting of voices the ballot box shall be filled with the following documents:

1) all the cast and valid ballot papers which have been sorted and packaged according to the numbers assigned to the lists of candidates;

2) all the invalid ballot papers;

3) one copy of the initial counting minutes;

4) the list of voters.

(2) The ballot box shall be sealed by the stamp of the polling station. The authorized observers present (Article 18) also shall have the right to seal the ballot box by using their own stamps; in this case a reference to this effect is to be made in the election operations minutes.

(3) The ballot box is to remain at the polling station under the supervision of the police or national guards in the presence of at least one member of the relevant polling commission.

(4) The second copy of the minutes of the initial counting of votes is to be conveyed to the district (city) electoral commissions accompanied by a note of date and time of conveyance and the name of the carrier of the minutes. The second copy of the minutes of the initial counting of votes from the polling stations established in foreign countries shall be conveyed to the Central Election Commission in accordance with the procedure prescribed by this Commission.