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Article 37

(1) When the votes have been counted and the final count of votes has been recorded in the minutes, all the valid and invalid ballot papers, the unused and invalid envelopes, the unused ballot papers and one copy of the minutes containing the final count of votes made by the polling commission should be packaged and sealed. The authorized observers present (Article 18) shall also have the right to seal the package by using their own stamps, and a reference should be made thereof in the minutes of election operations. After that the polling commission shall convey all the election papers to the district (city) electoral commission, whereas the polling commissions established in foreign countries shall send them to the Central Election Commission in observance of the procedure set by the said Commission. A note should be attached to the election papers stating the date and time of conveyance and the name of the carrier.

(2) District (city) electoral commissions shall receive all the votes reported by every polling station in their respective area and summarize them in the minutes of the sub-final counts of votes; the election material and the minutes of the final count of the votes made by the district (city) electoral commissions shall be conveyed to the Central Election Commission in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the said Commission.