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Article 45

(1) An elector wishing to vote by mail should mail an appropriate written petition adding his/her full name, identity number and address, to the polling commission two weeks before the first election day or earlier (date of mailing). The citizen passport of Latvia is to be attached.

(2) Having received a similar petition, the polling commission shall:

1) check if the petition was sent before the deadline set in the first part of this Article;

2) check if the petitioner is an elector who has not yet received electoral documents for absentee (mail) voting;

3) enter the name of the elector in a special voting-by-mail register;

4) make a note in the passport of the elector about current voting for the Saeima;

5) send back the passport to the indicated address, all the ballot papers containing all the lists of candidates nominated for the Riga City constituency, a ballot envelope bearing the stamp of the respective polling station and information about the voting procedure.

If the petition has been mailed without due consideration of the deadline and the procedure described in the first part of this Article, or the petitioner is not an elector, or his passport already carries a current voted for the Saeima? note, the polling commission shall make a clear-cut decision to decline the petition. This decision, the petition itself and the passport shall be returned to the address indicated by the petitioner.