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Article 69

Every voter shall vote in person.

A voter is allowed to vote only once during elections

Voting shall be done on a certified ballot paper.

The voter shall confirm receiving the voter ballot by signing the special book of voters, which content shall be defined by the Republican Election Commission.

No person shall be allowed to enter the polling station carrying arms or dangerous implements.

At the polling station and within the area of 50 (fifty) metres from the polling station, it is forbidden to display political party symbols and other promotional material that may effect the decision of electors.

Should, during the voting procedure, the rules referred to in paragraphs 1-6 of this Article be violated, the polling board may be dissolved. In the event of the dissolution of the polling board, voting at that polling station shall be repeated.

The member of the polling board in charge of identification of voters, as well as other members of the polling board shall not be allowed to announce, in any form and particularly by addressing loudly he first and last names of voters, as well as their ordinal numbers in the voters’ register.