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Article 27

Authorities of the Polling Station Election Commission

1. For the purposes of organizing the preparation and holding of elections of the President of Ukraine, the polling station election commission shall:

1) exert control over compliance with, and equal application of, the legislation regarding the elections of the President of Ukraine;

2) receive the voter list from the territorial election commission, compile the voter list in the cases envisaged by this Law, verify its accuracy, display it for public review and, in cases envisaged by this Law, introduce changes to it;

3) ensure that voters are given opportunities to familiarize themselves with information about all candidates, with their pre-election programs, as well as with decisions adopted by the Central Election Commission, by the respective territorial election commission, and with its own decisions and announcements;

4) in advance, distribute or send personal invitations to voters indicating the date of elections, the address of the voting premises, the voting hours, and the number of the voter on the list of voters in the election precinct;

5) ensure the preparation of the voting premises and the preparation of ballot boxes;

6) upon a decision of the Central Election Commission , in cases envisaged by this Law , introduce changes into the election ballot;

7) organize the vote in the election precinct;

8) conduct the count of votes cast in the election precinct, compile the protocol on the results of the vote and submit it to the appropriate territorial election commission;

9) declare the voting in the election precinct invalid in the cases envisaged by article 80 of this Law;

10) consider appeals, statements and complaints regarding the introduction of changes to the voter list, the organization and conduct of the vote and count of the votes in the election precinct, and within the limits of its authorities take decisions on them; and

11) perform other authorities according to this and other laws of Ukraine;

2. The authorities of polling station election commissions shall enter into force on the day following the day the decision on their formation is adopted and shall terminate fifteen days after the Central Election Commission officially publishes the results of the elections of the President of Ukraine.