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Article 5

Persons are not to be included in the candidate lists and are not eligible to be elected to the Saeima if they:

1) have been recognised as incompetent in accordance with the procedure set by law;

2) are serving a court sentence in a penitentiary;

3) have been sentenced for a deliberately committed crime; exceptions: persons who have been exonerated or whose previous criminal record has been expunged or annulled;

4) have committed a criminal offence in a state of mental incompetency or a state of limited mental competency or who, after committing a crime, have become mentally ill and are incapable of taking conscious action or controlling it and as a result have been subjected to compulsory medical treatment or their cases have been dismissed without applying such a compulsory measure;

5) belong to the salaried staff of a foreign country’s state security, intelligence or counterintelligence services, or have belonged to the salaried staff of the USSR, the Latvian SSR state security, intelligence or counterintelligence services except the persons who have been only the staff of Planning, Finance and Maintenance Department of the Committee of State Security of the USSR or the the Latvian SSR;

6) after 13 January 1991 have been active in the CPSU (the CP of Latvia), the Working People’s International Front of the Latvian SSR, the United Board of Working Bodies, the Organisation of War and Labour Veterans, the All-Latvia Salvation Committee or its regional committees;

7) (deleted by the 09.05.2002 law);

8) have been punished by a prohibition to run for elections of the Saeima, the European Parliament, city councils and regional councils unless they have been exonerated or their criminal record has been expunged or annulled.