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Article 23

(1) A separate room or compartment must be arranged inside the polling station for the voter to insert one ballot paper into the envelope and seal it in privacy.

(2) The voter may choose to put a “+” mark opposite the surname of any candidate, to cross out a candidate’s name or surname or to leave the ballot paper unannotated.

(3) The “+” mark opposite the surname of a candidate indicates special support given to the candidate by this voter. If the voter does not support a candidate included in the ballot paper, he/she may cross out the name or the surname of this candidate. The voter may also insert an unaltered (unannotated) ballot paper into the ballot envelope.

(4) The voter shall personally put the sealed ballot envelope into the ballot box in the presence of a member of the polling station commission.

(5) If the voter has damaged the ballot paper or the envelope before inserting the ballot paper into the envelope, a new envelope or a new set of ballot papers with the names of the candidates nominated for the constituency shall be issued to the voter. The voter shall sign the list of voters, thus confirming receipt of a duplicate set of ballot papers or a duplicate ballot envelope, and a special entry to this effect shall be made in the minutes of the voting process.