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Paragraph 15

However, article 102 establishes a rather detailed framework for organising an early election. According to its provisions:


a)      the same territorial constituencies that have been used for the previous elections are used for the pre-term elections;

b)      special and exceptional polling stations (or special or exceptional polling districts as they appear in the translation of the law) are created no later than 19 days before the vote;

c)      territorial commissions are created not later than 50 days before the elections (parties must apply for nomination of their members of the commissions no later than 53 days before the vote);

d)      polling stations are established no later than 12 days before the vote;

e)      candidates can be nominated immediately after the publication of the presidential decree but no later than 40 days before the vote;

f)       registration of candidates for the deputies terminates 25 days before the day of elections;

g)      informational posters of the parties (blocs), mentioned in Article 54 of this law, are produced not later than 20 days before the day of elections;

h)      voters’ lists are established by the territorial commissions and transmitted to the polling stations no later than ten days before elections (the same term applies to the special polling stations) ;

i)        the Central Electoral Commission approves the form and text of ballot papers not later than 24 days before the day of elections.