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Article 20

The same person may be a candidate for a councillor only in one electoral list.

The nominator of an electoral list shall determine the order of candidates in the list.

One of every four candidates in the list (the first four candidates, the second four candidates, etc.) shall be of the sex that is less represented in the list, and the total number of the less represented sex in the list may not be smaller than 30%.

A list that does not meet the requirements specified in paragraph 3 of this Article shall be considered deficient to be proclaimed, and its nominator shall be requested to eliminate the deficiencies in accordance with this Law.

Should the nominator fail to eliminate the deficiencies referred to in paragraph 4 of this Article, the electoral commission shall refuse to proclaim the list pursuant to this Law.

If upon issuing the decision on proclaiming the electoral list, a candidate in the list is declared incompetent by a valid court decision, loses the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia, withdraws from a candidacy or in case of death, the nominator of the electoral list shall not be entitled to nominate a new candidate.

The candidate who is the next in the list shall take the position in the electoral list of the candidate referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article.