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Article 41

The electoral commission shall allocate seats between various electoral lists by multiplying the overall number of seats with the number of valid votes won each of the electoral lists. The obtained result shall then be divided by the total number of votes won by all electoral lists, except for the votes cast in favour of those electoral lists that that have not fulfilled the condition specified in Article 40 of this Law. Each electoral list shall have won such number of seats as equal the number of integers resulting from this proportion. If one or more seats remain unallocated, they shall be allocated to electoral lists according to the largest fractions.

If two or more electoral lists have the same or the next largest part of fraction, the seat shall be allocated to the electoral list that has won the greater number of seats.

The electoral commission shall within 24 hours of closing of the polling stations allocate the seats in the manner set in paragraph 1 hereof, and shall make a separate record thereof.