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Article 15

Each proposer of a list of candidates for council members and mayor may delegate a representative and his deputy to the Election Commissions and Electoral Boards, who shall have a right to follow the work of the Election Commissions and Electoral Boards from the beginning of the elections until determining and announcing the election results. 

The representatives of paragraph 1 of this Article undertake activities regarding the work of the Election Commissions and the Electoral Boards only in cases determined by this law.

The proposers of lists of candidates for council member and mayor shall issue authorizations to the individuals mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article and shall notify the Election Commission and the Electoral Board thereof.

At an Election Commission’s session the representative of the candidates’ list submitter and/or candidate list for mayor may warn against irregularities in its work, and if the warning is not accepted, may require that the warning be entered in the minutes.