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Article 57

 If the representatives of the submitters of lists have any comments concerning the work of the Electoral Board during the voting, they can point out the irregularities, so that they can be corrected.

Comments made are entered in the minutes in writing, and only comments entered in such a way can be pointed out in complaints and be subject of evaluation in appellate proceedings.

If the comments of the representatives of the list submitters are not entered in the minutes as referred to in paragraph 2 of this Article, they have the right to submit them to the Election Commission within 5 hours of the signing of the minutes.

The president, members of the Election Commissions and the Electoral Boards and their deputies, as well as the representatives of list submitters, and the observers are not allowed to have any marks or symbols of a political party or candidate at the time and place of the voting.

No campaigning is allowed on Election Day.

The Electoral Board in cooperation with the competent bodies, is obliged to remove propaganda material in the facility and room where the voting is taking place and within a radius of 100 meters