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Article 15

Authority of the Precinct Election Commissions

Precinct election commissions shall:

1) notify population about the address and telephone number of the precinct election commission, schedule of its work, as well as the date and place for voting;

2) conduct familiarization of the voters with electoral registers, receive and consider statements on errors and inaccuracies in electoral registers, decide on making appropriate changes in them;

3) control the observance of rules on posting campaigning materials on the precinct territory;

4) ensure preparation of the premises for voting, ballot boxes and other equipment;

5) arrange voting at the precinct on the election day;

6) perform vote count for the precinct;

7) consider statements and complaints on violations of this Code and make decisions on them;

8) ensure transfer of the documents on preparation and conduct of the election to the superior election commission or to the archive;

9) exercise other authorities in accordance with this Code, and laws on elections in the Kyrgyz Republic.

(In the edition of the Law issued on January 24th 2004 year, No.7)