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Article 34

The electoral commission shall:

            1) take care of the legality of carrying out the election in the electoral unit;

            2) organize technical preparations for the election;

            3) determine the pooling stations;

            4) form the pooling boards and elect the president and the members of the pooling boards;

            5) determine the number of ballots for the pooling stations, certify them and, together with certified excerpt from the voters’ register, deliver them to the pooling boards, and make the minutes of their delivery to the pooling board;

            6) determine whether the electoral lists have been composed and submitted in accordance with this Law;

            7) adopt the decision on the announcement of the electoral list;

            8) determine the results of voting in the electoral unit and the number of votes for every electoral list;

            9) determine the number of mandates belonging to every electoral list;

            10) submit the report of the results of the election to the Federal Electoral Commission;

            11) deliver the data on the election to the bodies competent for collection and processing of statistical data;

            12) perform other activities determined by this Law.

The electoral commission shall adopt the operating procedure about its’ work.