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Article 21

Compilation of electoral registers

1. Electoral registers shall be compiled for each polling station with the aim of realization of voters’ rights, familiarization of the voters with the data about them as well as for conduct of the voting.

2. Electoral registers at electoral precincts shall include all citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who have an active election right on the voting day, unless stipulated otherwise by this Code.

3. Any citizen may be entered on the electoral register of a specific polling station on the grounds of his/her permanent or prevailing residence, and in cases stipulated in this Code, laws of the Kyrgyz Republic, also temporary stay on the territory of this precinct.

4. Making up the electoral register, compilation and verification of data on registered voters shall be carried out by local executive bodies and, in cases of military voters, their family members and other voters who live on the territory of a military unit, this hall be done by the military unit commander.

5. Electoral registers shall be composed on the basis of the information of the voters obtained through the voters state registration (accounting) system under the procedure established by this Code and legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

6. In the course of elections of deputies to local keneshes and heads of local self-government the military servicemen who are drafted to serve for a fixed period in military units, military organizations and establishments situated on the territory of the corresponding administrative-territorial unit shall not be included on the electoral registers and shall not be taken into account to establish the number of voters if those servicemen did not live on this territory permanently or predominantly before they joined the army.

7. Electoral registers of the precincts established in recreational facilities, sanatoriums, permanent medical and prophylactic establishments, in inhabited places of remote and difficult to access areas, investigations isolation wards and temporary detention centers, and also at diplomatic missions of the Kyrgyz Republic in foreign countries shall be composed and signed by heads of the said establishments and diplomatic missions and transferred to an appropriate election commission. During elections of deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh, local deputies and heads of local self-governments, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who possess an active suffrage and are located in the precinct election commissions pointed in this item, shall not be included into the voters’ rolls and their number shall not be counted in determining the number of voters if these citizens did not reside permanently or predominately on the territory of an election constituency.

Full time students and scholars who are residing in the dormitories on the basis of their residence registration stamp made in their passports by the registration bodies before the election day shall be included into the electoral registers of the precincts where their dormitories are located. Candidate or agent of the candidate is entitled to get acquinted with all the necessary documents, supporting the fact of student or scholar’s residence in the dormitory, based on the registration stamp.

8. If a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic with an active election right happens to be outside the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic on the day of election of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, and had no chance to obtain the strike-off certificate or vote ahead of time, then he/she shall be entered by the respective precinct election commission on the electoral register upon his/her appearance on the election day in the polling station of the precinct election commission established in the host country.

9. A citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic shall be included in one electoral register only.

10. The electoral register shall be composed in duplicate. The information on the voters being included in the electoral register shall be arranged in the alphabetical order. Last name, first name, patronymics, year of birth (if 18 years of age, day and month of birth, in addition) and permanent or prevailing residence address of the voter shall be entered on the electoral register. The electoral register of each electoral precinct in the villages, counties, towns of rayon level shall be signed by heads of local self-government, in other cities by mayors and in Bishkek city by heads of rayon administrations. Not later than 25 calendar days before the election date one copy shall be delivered to the respective constituency (rayon, city) election commission. At the electoral precincts established on the territory of a military unit, the electoral register shall be signed by the unit commander and handed over to the precinct election commission.

Head of Ayil Okmotu, head of local self-government, head of rayon administration, mayor and military unit commander, other persons specified under this article, respectively, shall bear responsibility for reliability, completeness and timely transfer of the electoral register to the appropriate territorial, rayon and precinct election commission.

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Explanation on the order of composition by precinct election commissions of voter registers to conduct elections and to make them available for general familiarizing (CEC Decree issued on August 20th 1999 year, #144)