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Article 26

Authorized Representatives

1. A candidate shall appoint authorized representatives, who represent him/her on all issues related to participation in the elections including those of funding.

Deputies, workers of the Presidential Administration of the KR, civil and municipal servants, members of election commissions, workers of law enforcement bodies and judges, military workers and foreign citizens may not be authorized representatives during the election process.

2. A candidate or his/her authorized representatives shall submit to the territorial electoral commission a protocol with the decision of the meeting of constituents, congress (conference) of the political party, election bloc on nomination of the candidate.

The territorial election commission shall be provided with the list of the authorized persons of the candidate with the indication of their full name, date of birth, place of residence of each authorized representative as well as with a signed proxy letter for each candidate’s authorized representative.

A self-nominated independent candidate shall file an application on his/her intention to stand for a candidate in the constituency and a solicitation on the registration of his/her authorized representatives with the territorial election commission.

3. The territorial election commission shall consider the submitted documents and determine their compliance with the provisions of this Code and, within 5 calendar days from the day of their submission, shall take a decision on registration of the authorized representatives of the candidate, and issue registration certificates to them.

4. In case of refusal to register the authorized representatives they shall be issued a motivated resolution of the territorial election commission. The refusal to register may be appealed in the superior election commission or a rayon (city) court according to the location of the corresponding election commission, with the court obliged to consider the claim and make a decision not later than within three days.

5. Authorized representatives shall:

authenticate subscription lists when collecting voters’ signatures in support of the candidate, count the number of voters signatures collected in support of the candidate, draw up a protocol on the results of signatures collection;

submit signature lists in support of the candidate, as well as other documents to the district election commission for the candidate registration;

obtain from the election commission a written confirmation (receipt) of filing of signature lists and other documents;

conduct pre-election campaigning, distribute campaigning materials;

have the right to participate in casting of lots held by election commissions when determining the sequence of air time provision to the candidates;

have the right to be present at the sessions of election commissions on the issues related to the candidate, who appointed the authorized representative;

exercise other authorities established by law on elections of the Kyrgyz Republic, authorities as instructed by the candidate.

(In the edition of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic issued on October 14th 2001 year, No. 87, January 24th 2004 year, No. 7)