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Article 27

Registration of Candidates

1. The following documents shall be submitted to the territorial election commissions for registration of candidates:

1) a protocol with the decision of a congress (conference) of the political party, election bloc, meeting of voters on nomination of the candidate, and for election of deputies of local keneshes and heads of local self-government, that of the meeting (conference) of the political party‘s local branch;

2) the candidate’s declaration of consent to stand as a candidate. The declaration should contain the candidate’s obligation to discontinue his/her activity that is incompatible with the elective office status in case he/she is elected; Persons, listed in tenth paragraph of point 2 of article 28, must presents the decision of a higher body about their discharge from appointed positions.

3) biographical data of the candidates specifying their full names, date of birth, place of work, position (occupation) and place of residence;

4) a document certifying payment of the election deposit;

5) other documents stipulated under the Special Part of this Code

In case of self-nomination the candidate shall submit for his/her registration the declaration of his/her intent to stand as a candidate as well as the documents stipulated in sub-clauses 3-5.

2. Within the period established by the Special Part of this Code, the corresponding election commission shall check the compliance of the procedure of the candidate’s nomination with the requirements of this Code and take a decision on the candidate’s registration or refusal to register.

3. A candidate may be registered only in one constituency.

4. When registering a candidate nominated by a political party, an election bloc, the fact of his/her nomination by the corresponding political party, election bloc shall be noted in the appropriate decision of the election commission. The candidate shall have the right to declare his/her independent status or affiliation with a political party

5. In case of refusal to register a candidate, the corresponding election commission shall within one day issue to the candidate or the authorized representative of the candidate a copy of the election commission’s resolution with explanation of the motives for the refusal. The motives for the refusal are: the candidate’s failure to submit necessary documents specified in item 1 of this article; insufficient number of the submitted valid voters’ signatures in support of the candidate; violation of the procedure for signatures collection established by the Special Part of this Code; absence of a passive right on the part of a candidate; violation of candidates nomination rules; the fact of registration of the candidate in another constituency; non-creation by the candidate of his/her election fund unless stated otherwise by the Special Part of this Code. The decision on refusal to register a candidate may be appealed in the superior election commission or in court. In case if the candidate failed to submit all required documents for registration specified in this article, but managed to submit the missing ones until the deadline for registration, the election commission must register the candidate.

6. A candidate shall be entitled to withdraw his/her candidacy at any time but not later than 15 calendar days before the election day. The election deposit made by the candidate shall not be returned in cases, when the withdrawal of the candidacy was executed without any compelling circumstances.

7. In case the number of registered candidates is less than the established number of seats, the elections in this constituency, upon the decision of the respective election commission, shall be postponed for additional nomination of candidates and carrying out further election actions.

8. Not later than on the seventh day after the registration of candidates, the corresponding election commission shall publish a press announcement on the registration indicating the full name, year of birth, official position (occupation), place of work and residence, and also, at candidate’s discretion, information pertaining to his/her party affiliation.

9. Within two calendar days after registration the election commission shall issue to candidates the appropriate certificates of candidates specifying the constituency and the date of registration.

(In the edition of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic issued on November 25th 1999 year No. 127, October 14th 2001 year, No. 87, January 24th 2004 year, No. 7, October 25th 2004 year, No. 185)