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Article 38

Strike Off Certificate

1. In cases and according to the procedure stipulated under this Code, the voter who will not be in a position to come to the polling station of the election commission where he/she is included on the electoral register, shall be entitled 15 to 1 days before the election date to obtain in the precinct election commission a strike off voting certificate, and participate in voting at a polling station within the constituency where he/she appears on the election day.

2. The format of the strike off voting certificate shall be established by the Central Election Commission.

3. If a strike off voting certificate is lost by the voter, it may not be restored.

(In the edition of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic issued on October 14th 2001 year, No. 87, January 24th 2004 year, No. 7)


Explanation on the order of tracking and issuance of strike off certificates for voting in Presidential elections in the KR (approved by CEC Decree issued on October 13th 2000 year, #463)