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Article 61

(1) Votes can be cast from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the polling day. If the local circumstances justify it, the local election committee, or the parliamentary single mandate constituency election committee may order that the voting shall terminate at 5 o'clock.
(2) Votes may be cast only personally and, with the exceptions referred to in law, only at the polling station designated in accordance with the voter's domicile.
(3) In order to make it possible for them to vote, voters hindered from movement, shall be, at their request, visited by two members of the ballot counting committee with a mobile ballot-box.
(4) The polling station shall not be closed during the term of voting, and the voting shall not be extended, or, except for extraordinary events, interrupted. If on polling day the number of the members of the ballot counting committee becomes less than three, or voting has become impossible due to external reasons beyond control, those present are obliged to immediately suspend voting, sequester the ballot-box and the documents, and immediately advise the head of the local election office about the fact of such suspension to ensure the lawful continuation of voting.