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Article 41

Early Voting Procedure

1. A voter who does not have a possibility to come on the election day to the polling station, where he/she is included on the electoral register, shall have the right to vote earlier on the basis of a written statement confirming absence of the voter on the territory of his/her constituency due to his/her departure beyond the boundaries of the Kyrgyz Republic and on the basis of submission of appropriate documents (copy of the business trip ID, air ticket and visa in passport) through completion of a ballot on the premises of the corresponding territorial (district, city) election commission 9 to 1 days before the election day. The election commission should ensure the secrecy of voting and exclude a possibility of distorting the voter’s will, ensure safety of the ballot paper and account of the vote of the voter when the votes are summed up and the election results are determined.

2. The ballot filled in by the early voting voter, shall be put into an envelope and sealed. At the place, where the envelope is sealed, two members of the territorial (district) election commission shall put their signatures, which shall be certified with the stamp of the territorial (district) election commission and by signature of the early voter.

3. The sealed envelope with the ballots shall be kept with the secretary of the corresponding territorial (district, city) election commission, in the premises of the territorial (district, city) election commission until the moment of transfer of all ballot papers to the precinct election commission.

4. On the election day before the beginning of voting the chairperson of the precinct election commission, in presence of other precinct election commission members, observers, other persons, shall make an announcement on the number of voters who voted earlier and show for general view the sealed envelopes with the ballots, and the list of voters who voted earlier. After that he/she shall open envelopes one by one and, observing the confidentiality of voter’s will, put the ballots into the stationary ballot box. The number of voters who voted earlier shall be entered in the protocol on the voting results and in the enlarged protocol before the voting starts, and against the names of the early voters the entry shall be made in the electoral register, “Voted Earlier”.

(In the edition of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic issued on January 24th 2004 year No. 7)