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Article 48

Publication of Voting Outcomes and Election Results

1. The voting results on each electoral precinct, territory that is covered by the activity of an election commission, and the electoral district election results shall be provided for familiarization to voters, candidates, their representatives, observers, foreign (international) observers, mass media representatives on their request in the volume of items contained in the protocol of the corresponding election commission and its immediately subordinate election commissions.

2. The election commissions that registered candidates shall send general information on the election results in the electoral district to mass media within a day after determination of the election results.

3. Official publication of the election results and figures of the number of votes won by each candidate shall be done by a corresponding election commission within the timeframe established by the Special Part of this Code.

4. An appropriate election commission shall publish the data contained in the protocols of the respective lower level election commission on the results of voting, on the basis of which election results were determined in the respective election commissions in mass media within one month from the day elections were conducted.

(In the edition of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic issued on January 24th 2004 year No.7)