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Article 73

Registration of a Candidate for Deputy

1. To be registered, a candidate for deputy or his/her authorized representative, not later than 35 calendar days prior to the election day before 6 p.m. local time, shall file with the district election commission the documents specified in Clause 1 Article 27 of this Code, as well as a document certifying payment of the election deposit.

2. Before the registration and after review of the submitted documents, a candidate for deputy shall make an election deposit out of his/her own funds or from his/her election fund into the special fund of the Central Election Commission, the amount of the deposit being equal to 300 minimum monthly salaries established by the legislation.

After the elections the election deposit shall be returned to the candidate for deputy if not less than 15 percent of voters of the respective electoral district entered on the electoral register voted for him/her, which is established by the district election commission protocol.

3. Within 10 days from the day of receipt of the documents, the territorial election commission on election of deputies to the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic shall review the compliance of nomination procedure of the candidate with the requirements of this Code and shall register the candidate or issue a motivated decision on the refusal to register.

4. Registration of the candidates for deputies shall end 25 calendar days before the election day.

5. Data on the registered candidates for deputies shall be transferred by the territorial election commissions to the Central Election Commission on the day of registration.

6. In case if during the period stipulated under this Article no candidates are registered in a single-member district, the election in such district shall be postponed by decision of the Central Election Commission by 50 days for additional nomination of candidates and implementation of the subsequent electoral actions.

(In the edition of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic issued on October 14th 2001 year No.87, January 24th 2004 year No.7)