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Article 93

Determining and Establishing the Results Election of Heads of Local Self-Government

1. Top copies of the election protocols developed by the precinct election commissions and signed by their members shall be immediately delivered to the rayon, city election commissions. After preliminary verification of correctness of drawing up the protocols on voting results the rayon, city election commission shall determine the voting results on the respective territory of the local kenesh by adding the data thereon.

On demand of any interested person, the precinct election commission after signing the protocol on voting results should issue its copy or provide that person with an opportunity to make a copy of the protocol on voting results and authenticate it.

2. Oblast and Bishkek city election commissions shall establish election results in the oblasts and the respective administrative-territorial unit of the city of Bishkek based on the data in the protocols of rayon and city election commissions.

3. The candidate who won the most votes out of the total number of votes cast in the election shall be considered elected.

4. Within ten days after the election day, the oblast, Bishkek city election commissions shall officially publish in mass media the results of election of heads of local self-government.

5. Within three calendar days after official publication of the election results, the oblast and Bishkek city election commissions shall register elected heads of local self-government and issue to them the certificates on their election of the design established by the Central Election Commission.