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Article 111

Fine or 1 year imprisonment shall be decreed for the following criminal act:

            1) the one who, after the election for the federal representatives holds the voter responsible for voting, demands of him/her to state how he/she voted, or why he/she did not vote;

            2) the one who votes instead of another voter under his/her name, in the election for the federal representatives, or on the same election votes more than once;

            3) the one who, on the election for the federal representatives, destroys, damages, seizes, or conceals, a used ballot, electoral document or any object intended for the use in the election or the vote.

Should the act cited in paragraph 1. hereabove be committed by a member of the Federal Electoral Commission, a member of a electoral unit electoral commission, member of a polling board, or any other person who has a duty in regard with the election for federal representatives, that person shall be punished by a 3 months to 3 years imprisonment.