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Paragraph 70

Article 79.12 states that “At twenty o’clock the polling station election commission chairpersons shall announce the end of the election, after which only the voters present in the voting room have the right to vote”. It is common practice that voters who arrive at the polling station after the close of voting should be turned away, while voters in line at the polling station prior to the close of voting are able to cast ballots. Given the high maximum number of registered voters per polling station (2,500 as defined by Article 19.3) and historical instances of long voting lines in Ukraine, the terminology of this article should be clarified as to the meaning of “voting room”. All voters in line both inside and outside the polling station at 20:00 hours should be allowed to cast ballots. Possibly, the indistinct nature of this provision is due to the translation. The article should be checked in its original language text and only modified as necessary if the original language text is similarly unclear as is the English translation.


J.       Counting Procedures and Election Results