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Article 15

Registration of Political Parties

1.         Each political party that nominates candidates for deputy, candidates for mayor of a       municipality or commune or for council members of a municipality or commune, in    compliance with the procedures contemplated in this Code, is to be registered with the         CEC as an electoral subject no later than 40 days prior to the day of elections. Political parties or coalitions whose member parties have obtained jointly more than           20% of the votes in the previous general elections, have the obligation to nominate candidates in all 100 electoral zones.

To register with the CEC, a political party shall submit:

verification that the party is registered with the Tirana District Court;

the name, surname and address of the chairman of the party, who is the      person authorized to nominate candidates;

the official name, initials and address of the party;

ç)    a copy of the party’s seal;

the name and address of the financial officer of the party;

e)   the name and address of the person responsible for communication with the                  CEC.