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Article 16

Electoral coalitions

Two or more political parties registered with the CEC according to article 15 of this Code may be registered as an electoral coalition with the CEC by submitting, 35 days prior to the date of elections, the respective coalition agreement. The agreement  must define whether the parties composing the coalition will appear separately in the proportional voting, or the coalition will appear as a single subject.

Within the time limit provided by article 78 of this Code, the registered coalitions shall deposit the multi-name lists with the CEC, in accordance with articles 84 and 85 of this Code.

Coalition agreements are implemented directly by the CEC when they include:

the date of establishment, data on the composition and the coalition name;

a composed multi-name list when parties in coalition appear separately on    the ballot paper, or a joint multi-name list in case the coalition appears as a single subject;

the formula for the distribution of votes among the parties that are members of a coalition, in case a coalition appears as a single subject on the ballot paper. The formula for distribution of votes is not valid for the purpose of calculating the compensatory mandates.

Political parties cannot participate in more than one coalition.