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Paragraph 35

In order to prevent electoral fraud, several provisions have introduced or specified safeguards which refer to the preparation, distribution and control of ballot papers and special envelopes (Art. 51, Art. 54) as well as to the use of PEC, DEC and CEC summary protocols of voting and election results (Art. 511, Art. 60, Art. 63, Art. 64) and of Election Day Record Books in each election precinct (Art. 512). Moreover, the law contains very detailed provisions with regard to the conducting of the poll (Art. 54), the voting by means of mobile ballot boxes (Art. 56), procedures to be carried out before opening the ballot boxes (Art. 57), the opening of ballot boxes (Art. 58), the vote count (Art. 59), and the determination and consolidation of election results (Art. 60 - Art. 64). In principle, these detailed provisions should be sufficient to enable the correct conducting of the polls, if applied properly. Nevertheless, there were still observations and allegations of ballot stuffing, use of pre-marked ballots, multiple voting and destruction of ballot boxes in a number of polling stations in the 2003 parliamentary elections.