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Paragraph 38

 The new amendments to the Chapter VII introduce a number of improvements for persons with limited physical abilities and disabled persons. Art. 11 of the Election Code provides that voters with limited physical ability or medical conditions might be included in the Mobile Ballot Box List. As for the location of the polling stations, Art. 50.2 contains special provisions if there are disabled voters using wheelchairs in the election precinct. With regard to the preparation of ballot papers for the election precincts, Art. 51.2 stipulates that the CEC shall ensure the use of such technology that will enable such voters with vision problems to fill in the ballot papers independently. As for the publication of information by the election commission via public TV broadcasting, the public TV broadcasting shall take account of the problems of those persons with limited ability in respect of their diminished hearing through the use of gesture-translation and/or using the appropriate special technology (Art. 66.5). It can be regarded as positive that the electoral law draws attention to the specific needs of persons with physical problems.