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Article 33

(Voting procedure)

  1. Once the poll is open, voters shall be admitted to vote by order of arrival.

  2. The identity of the voter shall always be verified.

  3. The voter shall submit an identification document with photo, even if expired, received from any authorised office of the Republic.

  4. The voter can be allowed to vote also if devoid of identification document, if the Chairperson or one of the scrutineers knows him/her personally and confirm his/her identity by adding his/her signature in the identification column.

  5. If no member of the polling station staff can confirm the identity of the voter, two voters, registered in one of the polling stations belonging to the same Township and known to the polling station, can certify his/her identity by adding their signatures in the identification column. In this case, the Chairperson shall warn the voters that, in case of false declaration, they will be subject to sanctions envisaged by the Criminal Code. For voters registered in the polling area of Dogana, their identification can be confirmed by two voters registered in the same polling area.

  6. After establishing the identity of the voter, the Chairperson shall detach the counterfoil from the voting certificate proving his/her eligibility to vote, which shall be kept in the ad-hoc parcel. Then, the Chairperson shall hand one folded ballot paper and an indelible pencil to the voter.

  7. Subject to the exception set out in Article 35, paragraph 2, the voter shall enter a special separate place in the same room alone, where, after having cast his/her vote in accordance with Article 36, he/she shall fold the ballot paper along the lines.

  8. The Chairperson shall provide instructions for the above mentioned operations, without making any example. The Chairperson shall also explain, in every case, how the preference vote is to be cast and the maximum number of preference votes allowed.

  9. After the voting, the voter shall hand the folded ballot paper and the pencil to the Chairperson.

  10. The Chairperson shall verify that the ballot paper has been folded. If not, the Chairperson shall request the voter to fold it, making sure that he/she returns to the special separate place. Having verified the conformity of the ballot paper by examining the signature and stamp, the Chairperson shall place the ballot paper in the ballot box, which is visible to all and placed on the table of the polling station. A member of the polling station staff shall certify that the voter has expressed his/her vote by adding his/her signature next to the voter’s name in the appropriate column of the list mentioned above.

  11. Ballot papers lacking the stamp and the signature cannot be placed in the ballot box and voters who have presented such ballot papers can no longer vote. The ballot papers above shall immediately be signed by the Chairperson and by a scrutineer and attached to the report. The report shall also specifically mention the voters who, having received the ballot paper, have not returned it.