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Section 9

(1) The voters who have been proposed for candidate by at least 1% of the voters of the given constituency will be individual list or single mandate constituency candidates for representative.

(2) In county constituencies, lists may be set up by nominating organisations that have collected the proposals of 0.5% of voters of the constituency.

(3) Voters who have been recommended for candidate

a) by at least 3% of voters of settlements with 10 000 or less inhabitants,

b) by at least 300 voters in case of settlements with inhabitants exceeding 10 000 but equal to or less than 100 000,

c) by at least 500 voters in case of settlements with more than 100 000 inhabitants

will be candidate for mayor.

(4) Voters who have been recommended by 5 000 voters of the capital will be candidate for Lord Mayor.